International Certificate in New Technologies and Digital Competences “Business IT”


Business IT


The Course consists of 6 teaching units (1 per week) plus 1 week of Training and Exam.

Total duration 100 hours for 7 weeks.


Accredit digital knowledge and skills for leaders, managers and professionals of business and the company, who want lead the Digital Transformation of their companies.


The Training Course is totally on-line With accompaniment and monitoring by specialized trainers for the exam, also online, the latest remote surveillance techniques are used.


  • Introduction to Leadership in the Digital Age
  • The value of the Data
  • Third Platform Technologies
  • Differences between Digital Transformation and Digitization
  • Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants
  • Blockchain and Social Technologies
  • Digital Transformation Processes
  • Cloud Computing Contracting and Security Models
  • Mobility
  • Internet of Things
  • Robotics
  • Job Transformation
  • Big Data Application in Companies
  • Data Science and Business Intelligence
  • Challenges in Data Storage and Protection
  • Artificial Intelligence: Machine and Deep Learning
  • Cybersecurity
  • Technology Risk and IT Governance
  • Data Management and Control.
  • Legal compliance


Professionals from all fields, who either have responsibilities for transforming their companies towards the digital age or who want to improve your technology skills to get a job or improve the one they have.


Every 50 Business IT certifications contracted will be raffled, among the 5 best exams carried out, a MIT Professional Education to choose between Blockchain Cloud DevOps Digital transformation, Machine Learning for decision making, Leadership for innovation or Smart Manufacturing valued at US 2 000 or a MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Program of the prestigious MIT Sloan School of Management valued at US $ 3,200 to be chosen by the professional winner of the draw.

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