About - eduBonline

Our Vision

eduBonline was born with the purpose of being the first online education company in the United States, aimed at sustainably training multidisciplinary professionals, with a perspective of adding each member of families in need of support, training and instruction, to the trades and tools that enable their development, skilled job insertion and incorporation of financial skills for a better quality of life.

eduBonline‘s VISION must be accompanied with collective awareness of the environment and community care. It also proposes to promote, instruct, accompany and/or recommend to its entire value chain a conversion to the “Triple Impact” precepts.


Our Mission

At eduBonline we focus on technical and professional training, with special emphasis on Hispanics and their transition to American culture, customs, laws and regulations. In addition, we provide distinctive, innovative and necessary tools for financial, economic, tax and accounting education, as well as systems and their constant modernization and digitization of processes and methods.  In essence, we offer “a solution to organizational problems in order to develop any economic activity in a sustainable way with the accompaniment of seeking a comprehensive improvement that considers profitability, society and the environment”.

In addition, basic courses aimed at low-income people will be edited for job insertion with the ultimate purpose of regaining and controlling the family’s economy and finances.

Who we are

The eduBonline initiative arises from the need of the Latino community in the United States to access technical information in the professional areas of finance, technology, taxes, accounting and consulting.

Having traveled a long period of research and development by the multidisciplinary group of professionals, founder of the Academy, the decision was made to convey all the know-how and strengthen its inputs of educational material to turn the company in favor of the common good.

This momentous determination implied to register with the State of Florida a differentiated typology with new statutes aligned with the current provisions.


Righteousness, honesty, morality, integrity, transparency and loyalty in our daily action are the cornerstones of our growth.


We collaborate with collective talents for the well-being and development of each activity oriented to our customers.


We strive to deliver the best content, constantly innovating with multidisciplinary professional teams.


We are committed to shaping a wide spectrum of possibilities to help every need.


We focus on the provision of our services and treat our clients with total professionalism, in accordance with regulatory and ethical codes.


We provide education at affordable and/or free costs to low-income people.


We promote and aim to environmental care through courses designed to create awareness of a subject that affects everyone equally.


We respect each and every collaborator in the organization, and encourage empathy and fluid communication with each member and their interrelationship with the community.

Our partners

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